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This site aims to provide a news and discussion for all things related to (Web) Service Engineering.

The site is also a central place to discuss the LTSA WS-Engineer plug-in for Eclipse. The WS-Engineer tool is an extension to the Labelled Transition System Analyser (LTSA) which allows models to be described by translation of the BPEL implementations and WS-CDL descriptions, and can be used to perform model-based engineering including:

  • Analysis of interaction models (e.g. trace equivalence, deadlock, liveness etc)
  • Synthesis of composition and choreography interaction processes from behaviour models (e.g. message sequence charts)
  • Verfication of WS compositions against behaviour models (e.g. for partner obligations)
  • Validation through interactive and animated models
  • Trace analysis for service composition interaction logs (e.g. BPWS4J Logs)

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